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Friday, July 18, 2008

Visual Studio Shortcuts

Will be making a new blog which will have all the knowledge i have about stocks and stock market.
Its always good 2 share ur knowledge 2 the world as sharing will never deplete u of ur knowledge but may be increase u r knowledge or better correct u if ur wrong. There are many stock market experts out there who know more about the stock market then i ever could but all of them keep their knowledge to themselves come on man share it. Make someone else happy 2 man. Neways this blog will strictly be technial that is about ASP.NET, C# etc. If u have ne doubt feel free to post ur queries here in the comments section. Will be glad to help. Also will be trying to put my queries here so that u all can answer them as i donot know everything n everyone needs help dude.

Lets start with some shortcuts in Visual Studio believe me they make u r life much easier.
Ctrl+Shift+B Build Solution
ctrl+F5 Start without debugging
F5 Start with debugging
ctrl (R+R) Word wrap
Ctrl-Shift-S Saves all documents and projects
F7 Switches from the design view to the code view in the editor
Shift-F7 Switches from the code view to the design view in the editor
Ctrl-End Moves the cursor to the end of the document
Ctrl-Home Moves the cursor to the start of the document
Ctrl-G Displays the Go to Line dialog. If the debugger is running, the dialog also lets you specify addresses or function names to go to
Ctrl-] Moves the cursor to the matching brace in the document. If the cursor is on an opening brace, this will move to the corresponding closing brace and vice versa
Ctrl-K, Ctrl-N Moves to the next bookmark in the document
Ctrl-K, Ctrl-P Moves to the previous bookmark
Ctrl-K, Ctrl-I Displays Quick Info, based on the current language
Ctrl-Down Arrow Scrolls text down one line but does not move the cursor. This is useful for scrolling more text into view without losing your place. Available only in text editors
Ctrl-Up Arrow Scrolls text up one line but does not move the cursor. Available only in text editors
Ctrl-Right Arrow Moves the cursor one word to the right
Ctrl-Left Arrow Moves the cursor one word to the left
Tab Indents the currently selected line or lines by one tab stop. If there is no selection, this inserts a tab stop
Shift-Tab Moves current line or selected lines one tab stop to the left
Backspace or
Shift-Backspace Deletes one character to the left of the cursor
Ctrl-K, Ctrl-C Marks the current line or selected lines of code as a comment, using the correct comment syntax for the programming language
Ctrl-K, Ctrl-U Removes the comment syntax from the current line or currently selected lines of code

Hope u liked the shortcuts we will have more discussion on technical things later.

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Priyatam said...

Awesome. Very useful. Know few of them, rest of them are very useful... especially ctrl + ].