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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hi Guys my first tutorial on ASP.NET. I have thought many students ASP.NET but never written ne tutorials on the web. But hope this helps as i teach thsi tutorial from the very basic level as i do with my students. So lets start with the basic of we development. Please leave comments as taht helps to give u'll a better quality tutorial also tell me what else needs to be added here.
If u r web developer then u have definitely heard about Client Side and Server Side scripting. Well when the term server side comes it usually meand some server side technology used liek ASP.NET, php, jsp etc. Here we discuss about ASP.NET.ASP.NET as stated above is a servers ide technology. It does the server side coding of the website. Similarly there is a client side scripting.This involves javascript which is heavily used now-a-days. Client side as teh name suggest deals with the client side. The client side may involve things like validations for a from like a email form or ne website registration form which then is send to the server. Suppose that the email text is kept blank and still the form is send to the server. Theserver will throw an error whch will obviously waste bandwidth n more importantly time. Hence the client side scripting does such validations. Javascript now though is used for many othe fancy things like mouse trail etc.
The server side usually deals with all the database activities and all the activities that are secure. Whereas client side does not deal with ne secure thing as it is on teh client side n is not safe. Now-a-days Ajax is used which does a lot oftiem saving but we will not discuss that as that is advanced javascript.As we are using .NET framework there are certain things u should know about this .NET.What is .NET? .NET is nothing but a framework developed by Microsoft. All the code written in .NET is not directly compiled into machine code but into Intermediate Language. This is then converted to machine language by the .NET framework. Hence .NET framework needs to be installed in the machine where u r going to run the .NET code. ASP.NET uses IIS server to host the website.
We will be posting more tutorials check out the blog.

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