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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Timer Project

Hi Guys

This is a project to get used to Time in C#.

Open a Windows Form in C#.

using System;

using System.Drawing;

using System.Collections;

using System.ComponentModel;

using System.Windows.Forms;

using System.Data;
namespace TimerDemo



/// Summary description for Form1.


public class TimerDemo : System.Windows.Forms.Form


private System.Windows.Forms.Timer Clock;

private System.Windows.Forms.Label lbTime;

private System.Windows.Forms.Button btnStart;

protected string TimeInString;

protected int count;

private System.Windows.Forms.TextBox txtcheck;

private System.ComponentModel.IContainer components;
public TimerDemo()


// // Required for Windows Form Designer support


// // TODO: Add any constructor code after InitializeComponent

public string GetTime()


int sec=0;

count +=sec;

return count.ToString();


/// Clean up any resources being used.


protected override void Dispose( bool disposing )


if( disposing )


if (components != null)





base.Dispose( disposing );

#region Windows Form Designer generated code


/// Required method for Designer support - do not modify

/// the contents of this method with the code editor.


private void InitializeComponent()


this.components = new System.ComponentModel.Container();

System.Resources.ResourceManager resources = new System.Resources.ResourceManager(typeof(TimerDemo));

this.lbTime = new System.Windows.Forms.Label();

this.Clock = new System.Windows.Forms.Timer(this.components);

this.btnStart = new System.Windows.Forms.Button();

this.txtcheck = new System.Windows.Forms.TextBox();


// // lbTime //

this.lbTime.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(40, 64);

this.lbTime.Name = "lbTime";

this.lbTime.TabIndex = 0;

// // Clock //

this.Clock.Tick += new System.EventHandler(this.Timer_Tick);

// // btnStart //

this.btnStart.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(40, 104);

this.btnStart.Name = "btnStart";

this.btnStart.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(64, 24);

this.btnStart.TabIndex = 1;

this.btnStart.Text = "Start";

this.btnStart.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.btnStart_Click);

// // txtcheck //

this.txtcheck.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(48, 152);

this.txtcheck.Name = "txtcheck";

this.txtcheck.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(64, 20);

this.txtcheck.TabIndex = 2; this.txtcheck.Text = "";

// // TimerDemo //

this.AutoScaleBaseSize = new System.Drawing.Size(5, 13);

this.ClientSize = new System.Drawing.Size(292, 266);




this.Icon = ((System.Drawing.Icon)(resources.GetObject("$this.Icon")));

this.Name = "TimerDemo";

this.Text = "Timer Demo";



/// The main entry point for the application.


[STAThread] static void Main()


Application.Run(new TimerDemo());

private void Timer_Tick(object sender, System.EventArgs e)





int t=Convert.ToInt32(lbTime.Text);

int s=(t+1);


if(lbTime.Text == txtcheck.Text)



MessageBox.Show("The Timer Has Stooped","Timer Stopped",System.Windows.Forms.MessageBoxButtons.OK);


private void btnStart_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)


Clock=new Timer();



Clock.Tick+=new EventHandler(Timer_Tick);



lbTime.Font=new Font("Times New Roman",15);





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Dinesh Kudtarkar said...

The worst post I ve ever seen...

I think u must b a borin student in ur college life...

or must b a boring lecturer right now....

Fuck off

Alkesh A. Naik said...

Hey its not me whose boring its u who is boring u write fuckol posts may be u live at a far off village where people get happy seeing bullock carts thats why u do not know how gr8 this post is

Dinesh Kudtarkar said...

at least bullock carts r better then the fucking timer projects

Alkesh A. Naik said...

You look to me like a PHP developer who doesnt know nething about ASP.NET we .NET developers are far better then u PHP developers.